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Things To Do In Austin

Austin, Texas

For the third time, Austin Texas has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the US. The ranking took into consideration the quality of life, housing affordability, healthcare, crime rate, and the job market amongst other factors. Austin has the best live music every night, lots of vast green spaces, swimming spots, ever-evolving food, and drinking spots.

Below are some of the top things to do in Austin:

Watch The Sunset From Mount Bonnell

This is a breath-taking scenic spot that is a stopover for many people. It is very idyllic for taking pictures as it gives a panoramic view of the town. The 360 bridge is also a tourist destination for adventures dates and work outs. You have to sample the town vistas from this spot.

Play Chicken Shit Bingo At The Little Longhorn Saloon

Also referred to as Ginny’s. It is a live music institution and one of the oldest historic bars in Austin. Has a tiny stage that has hosted a myriad of musicians for decades that have immensely contributed to the city’s culture. It is renowned for cold beer and a peculiar game called chicken shit bingo which involves chicken shitting on bingo squares and the top winner taking their prize each round.

Watch The Bats From The South Congress Bridge

One bat on their own is not an interesting sight. But a bunch of bats flying in a peppered mist over a colorful sunset is stunning. Annually from March to October, swarms of Mexican bats burrow in the crevices beneath the South Congress Bridge and come out every evening to the admiration of wide-eyed tourists and lackluster townies alike. There is even a dedicated area for bat viewing at the Statesman at Observation Center opposite the Congress Bridge.

Kayak Rental At Lady Bird Lake

Paddle through the waters of the Lady Bird Lake as you enjoy the magnificent views of downtown Austin’s skyline. Get to visit the quiet islands and cruise past the parks next to Colorado River. Explore the secluded beaches for a possible energizing swim and snap a few photos of the native wildlife. You might also drift to the shores of the snake island and check out the striking Barton springs pool.

Austin City Highlights Tour

Austin is dotted with adventurous landmarks such as the antique neighborhoods, hidden gems, interesting town which you can explore in a van, and get to enjoy some of the yummy delicacies from Austin’s signature food trucks. Check out the bars and restaurants along the sparkling 6th street, the political landmarks like the Texas State Capitol and the well-designed colonnaded Governor’s Mansion. Explore the Bullock Texas state history museum, the harry ransom center, the Blanton Art Museum, and the University of Texas.

Austin Aquarium

For family fun things visit the Austin Aquarium for an up-close view of the sharks, mammals, jellyfish and reptiles. The variety of the aquatic life presents children to a new world beneath the surface of the ocean. Get to learn about the animals and their ecosystems.

These are a few of the things to do in Austin so take it all in and have a good time. If you feel that we left something off our list please comment below.

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