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Last few years have witnessed a growing popularity of Texas wine in the national as well as international market. One of the biggest testaments to their growing popularity is Grapefest in Grapevine. Over 240,000 people attend this fest every year and has been growing over the years. Grapefest is the largest wine festival in the state. According to one estimate, Texas now has 87 wineries and is the 5th largest wine producing state in the nation. Texans consume nearly 37 million gallons of wine a year and upon given a chance most Texans would prefer to buy a wine produced in Texas. That clearly leaves a plenty of room for Texas wineries to produce an increasing share. In addition to that there is a huge demand of Texas wine in the open market.

No doubt, wine has a great impact on Texans life because it generates revenue and employment. During the year 2004, the wine industry generated $200 million along with 1,898 jobs for Texans. And, now due to new legislation, you as a wine lover can enjoy wine direct from the winery of Texas. Most of these wineries and vineyards encourage visitors to visit their vineyards and taste different wines before purchase in tasting rooms. Not only this, but you can also buy different Texas wine gifts for your family or friends while visiting or tasting wines at their wineries and vineyards.

The Overall Scene Is Fast Changing and Promising

Although, earlier there were many restrictions in the past, but during the last two decades Texas wine industry has seen a time of incredible growth. In the last few years the number of wineries has increased from 50 to 87 or even more. According to one estimate, currently there are around 20 more wineries that are pending for state approval bringing the number of wineries to 104. Nowadays customers can directly place their orders with the winery and can also visit them to taste different wines in their tasting rooms.

And, there won’t be any exaggeration if we say that the day is not too far when these wineries will sell more wine over the Internet than in the tasting room in winter. Moreover, people would visit these wineries and vineyards not just to see, taste and purchase wine but to buy different wines and other related gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving. Texans who visit a winery and make purchases in person can also have them shipped directly at their home. Purchases of these wines and other wine gifts can also be made by phone, fax or online for shipment to a Texas package store for pick-up or further delivery. So everything seems to be fast changing and promising especially when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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