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Things to Do In Austin Today

In Austin Today

The state of Texas is usually stereo typed as cowboys riding on horses but be assured it’s much more then ranches and farms. If you are thinking about making a trip to the south to Texas’ capitol, Austin, there’s many things to do and yes even in one day. So pack your bags and get ready for a surprisingly eventful weekend trip.

First off, there are many places to grab breakfast. If you are in a hurry pass by Round Rock Donuts for the biggest donut the Texas way. Yes it’s bigger then your head so plan on sharing.

If you want to sit down and have some protein in the most important meal of the day, no problem. Congress Ave. offers the lovely Magnolia CafĂ©, open around the clock, that will not disappoint. From pancakes to omelet’s they have got you covered and not to worry, no cutting corners on quantity or quality.

If you feel like taking down the Colorado River that crosses the middle of Austin by all means do so. Kayaking, canoeing, even stand up paddle boarding are available. You will notice the people of Austin are very active so bicycling, jogging, running, or just walking is very common around the water.

Another alternative to your morning will be to visit Lake Travis. Renting boats or jet ski’s will keep you very entertained for a few hours. Pricing is very reasonable as well.

Austin has your usual franchise spots for lunch but then again you are in Austin so keep it weird. Support local restaurants and shops when possible. For lunch you have many options.

South Congress

On south Congress under down town you will see huge line of decorative trailers that fill the air with aroma of every genre of food imaginable. Indian, Korean, Mediterranean, Mexican, American, Thai, Italian, and plenty of dessert options. No diet this weekend.

If you want an indoor place to eat, down that same street you will find many other alternatives for a higher price. However a pizza place many locals visit all too many times is Home Slice. Huge slices of pizza and even music make it seem as if you were back in New York.

What to do after? Down Town offers many historic places such the capitol which many presidents once governed the state of Texas. Court houses and historical districts gives a better feeling for the history of this big state.

Dinner and drinks are things Austin knows all too well. If you feel like having barbeque the drive down to Driftwood for The Salt Lick barbeque is sure to satisfy your hunger for delish meat and the best cobbler this side of anywhere. If you feel like staying in the city there is no problem; many restaurants fill down town.

At the end of the day you have done much and took in different cuisines. Austin offers a lot and make sure you check out it’s annual festivals. Tired; yes, but plenty of fun.

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