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Popular Apartment Décor

Inspired to decorate your apartment like a PRO?

Here you go with popular apartment décor ideas to give your home a lavish look. Let’s check it out!

1.      Select a style preference to let you flow easily

Selecting a style preference allows you to decorate your apartment according to the contemporary trends. You can opt a design preference from this:

Classic Vintage

Bohemian Decor

Modern Scandinavian Decor

Modern Minimalist

Zen Style

2.     Rules of Color Selection

The selection of colors for your apartment costs you nothing but leaves a huge impact on your interior design. Walls are the most visible parts of your house which can magnify or undermine the beauty of your apartment. Therefore, selecting the right colors for your walls is highly critical to give your apartment a contemporary look. Here you go with a set of ideas to select the wall colors like a professional interior designer!

Use Monotonous Colors

You can use the same color in one room with different tints, tones, shades and accent to add sophistication.

Use Analogous Colors

You can use analogous colors if you love neutral colors but also feel good by adding a different vibrant color in smaller proportions.

Use The 60-30-10

You can give your apartment a designer look by using this principle. Let’s see how you can do it! Just imagine your living room with this color distribution:

60% Teal color: You can paint the walls and add an area rug in this color.

30% Navy Blue: You can incorporate Sofa set in this color.

10% Medium-to-Bright Yellow Color: You can install curtains or a single chair in this color

Okay! Now, open your eyes and tell us how you find it!

3.     Incorporate a lush Green Indoor Plant

Plants bring nature closer to us. It adds value to your home décor along with its benefits for your mind and body. There is nothing like adding a white ceramic pot to your bedroom with African violets. You are gonna love it! Let your love for plants simply reflect your love for mother nature!

4.    Select the color scheme according to the size of the room

Use cold or warm colors: Let’s see how you can do it!

If you have a small apartment you must use cold color as they are lighter in tone and give a brighter and spacious look.

If you have a big apartment, then you must go for warm colors as they are darker in tone and add more elegance to your home design.

In a normal-sized apartment, you can use a combination of cold and warm colors.

5.     Focus on The Walls

There is nothing like defining your walls! The walls of your house occupy a major proportion of your sight once you put a glance. Therefore, it is important to consider your walls while decorating your apartment. You can use the right shades of paint and wall art to decorate your walls. You can also install spotlights to enhance the look of your walls. You can incorporate trendy curtains to enhance the look of your wall with a window.

You can always get interactive and take our help in making it easier and fun for you to make your apartment the most comfortable and calming one!

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